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Breathing Life

Breathing Life

We started a fire that was never supposed to burn out.

The past few weeks I've been developing an application for my grandmother. I was halfway through until midterms arrived at the door. Stupid school.

Check out the github page here to follow updates.

I buffed up the code-base, bringing in local changes. Recently I've used Github merely as a place to store code. But with more code coming down the pipe, revision control will be a necessity.

The project for my grandma is coming along well. Collecting 23 names of family and friends will enable me to provide for a wealth of great conversation. As I format the information into an xml document and write the code to serve the web-page, I also need to collect more images. That is, getting pictures of loved ones. Art makes the page more interesting and leads the eye.

In building this application I have realized just how few friends my grandmother has. Not in a negative light. I count 652 "friends" on my Facebook. But how many of those are going to stick around? Who is willing to take this journey with me and continue being "friends?" I'd say very few. I do not intend this project to be a critique on relationships. But in the process of developing I have learned more about myself. Making is very much an experience to not only create something for someone else's needs, but an opportunity to reflect or change our self.

I can't wait to show my grandmother just how much she means to me, and rekindle the bonds she has forged with others.

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